Interior furnishing have had a wide range of styles. We've made a lot of displays that have used something recycled with a combination of new materials. The display has a piece of stained glass that was salvaged from a building being razed and the base was made from splated beech and pear wood.

This display stand was used to display a portion of a propeller blade but as twist on the nature of the display we delivered it with the bowling pins. The woods used were walnut and maple.

This globe was reclaimed from an old high school being razed. With the base being unusable the globe is now in a private library.  

This is one of the first sewing machines made.

This carving of Mother Goose has been dated to the late 1800's.

This display cabinet has a chip carving borders and is made of walnut.

The above pieces are just a small example of the displays that have been designed for clients that have something that they want for everyone to enjoy viewing.