Let's Rock!!! The new rocker has created a lot of interest. It was made from walnut and white oak that was harvested from an urban environment. Meaning that the tree was needed to be removed from a home or a place of business because of disease or another need. But what is the best part is this wood was designated to become used again as furniture or some other use instead of getting chopped into firewood or ending up in a landfill.

This cantilever table was a commission for a home that was built with a Mid-century Modern architecture. We were looking to add a contemporary piece of furniture that has a organic feel to it, using a walnut slab with a natural edge. The wood used in this design was also an urban harvested wood.

The new chair has been completed and is ready to be shipped. The 1st chairs are being produced in walnut.

 Here's a picture of a new table and chairs. This project included recycled mahogany along with a ribbon mahogany top with 4 tiles inset flush that the clients daughter made. The chair are made from mahogany and birch.

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